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Mini Wax Hair Removal Wax Machine Pot

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1. This latest advanced high quality single pot wax heater/heater is a high performance therapy, Bath SPA equipment.
2. Fashionable design, easy to use
3. Suitable for hard, ribbon and paraffin
@ 4. Single wax cylinder with lid
5. Available
6. Temperature adjustable
7. Anti-fracture, transparent plastic cover to prevent wax contamination

Specifications :
parameters: 8cm * 5cm
capacity: 500-ml
Part color: Pink/White
rated power: 100-W
rated voltage: 110-240V 50/60Hz
particularly suitable for 50g / 100g wax beans
@ heating time: 5-10 minutes
@ rated power: 80W
@ appearance size: 16.5x14.5CM
inner container size: 12x 7cm

[Main effect] supplement skin oil, can be quickly absorbed by skin, and form protective film, lasting moisture, make Jade hand soft forever. Improve the rough and cracked skin of hands, making hands smooth and delicate. It can also be used to care for facial and foot skin, yes, dry and aging skin.

Introduction to paraffin wax: it has the functions of deep moisturizing and hydrating. Barafen nutrition wax contains abundant vitamin A, C, E, bone collagen protein, precious olive oil and other plant essence ingredients. Through the warm wrapping effect, the pores of the skin relax, send the nutrients contained in wax to the deep layer of skin to replenish water, remove aging keratinocytes and improve the phenomena of rough and dry skin. Relieve fatigue. After wax therapy, skin color becomes Ruddy and healthy immediately, and fine dry lines disappear accordingly. At the same time, the hot steam sauna is used to expand the pores of the skin, thus cleaning the pores and beautifying the face, hands and feet.


Hand Care usage:

1. Cut the wax block into small pieces and put it into the wax Heater. After the wax melts, it can be brushed on the hand with a brush. If the person with high heat resistance can directly immerse his hand in the dissolved wax liquid.
2. After the wax is brushed on your hands, use the wax to rub your hands, or wear disposable gloves, and then wear thermal gloves for better effect.
3. Wait for 20-30 minutes, then peel off the mask and apply hand cream.

Facial Care Usage:
1. Cleansing.
2. Apply nutrition cream of good quality to face and eye cream on eyes. If there is any discomfort, apply cream on the face.
3. Leave the gauze of the same size as the face aside the nostrils and lips and cover the face.
4. Put the dissolved wax on the inside of the arm to test the temperature, and there should be no steaming feeling, then apply 2-3 layers on the gauze, including the neck.
5. 15-20 minutes wax peeling ,
6. Clean after coating lotions and creams.

[Precautions] no recycled wax can be used on the face; During operation, the temperature should not be too high, and the skin should not feel hot, especially when used in eyes, the temperature should not be too high.

Suggestion: Hand Care is also seasonal. There are two peak periods of hand care in one year. Nursing in winter has moisturizing effect. It is done once every 10 days, about 30 minutes each time.
I do it in summer for skin rejuvenation, it is enough for about half a month

Packing list :
1x Hair removal hot wax machine

Warm Tip:
1. Due to the differences between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the product.
2. Compare the detailed size with your size. Due to manual measurement, allow 1-3cm error.

3. Wax bean style is sent randomly

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Mini Wax Hair Removal Wax Machine Pot

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